Our Expertise

Only SofPoint® provides unmatched comfort, quality, and convenience for your pointing stick equipped notebook or keyboard. There are no substitutes. Users everywhere continue to praise SofPoint® for its advanced technology and excellence in geometry. Nothing lets you move your pointing stick more easily, efficiently, with greater accuracy and with more finger comfort.

It's just that good!

Some of the core technology found in the SofPoint® family of products includes:

  • Advanced anti-slip elastomer
  • Proprietary geometry
  • Ergonomic innovation
  • Optimized size
  • Attribute selection for maximum comfort

GIV,LLC's talented team of designers and engineers, have more than 30 years of expertise. And, thousands of customers who have used SofPoint® on all makes and models of laptops, notebooks, mini-notebooks, tablet PCs, and keyboards help GIV continue to develop reputable products. The innovative SofPoint® product line represents the latest culmination of our efforts.

Quality Assurance

Other pointing stick caps are hard, they get dirty and the rough surface can irritate your finger and if the lid is accidentally pressed down onto the keyboard, they can damage your screen. SofPoint® gel technology is anti-slip because it resists body oil and dirt, it's gel cushion cap is easy on your finger and the unique gel cap compresses to help avoid screen damage in the event that the screen is compressed onto the keyboard when the lid is closed. Simply stated, SofPoint® makes cursor navigation with your pointing stick incredibly easy and more accurate with less effort. No other pointing stick cap can even come close. Ours is the best in the business.

Extensive resources have been invested in the SofPoint® to make it as comfortable, easy to use and as precise as possible. SofPoint® is made utilizing the highest quality assurance. We understand users concerns with the current caps and since we also use pointing stick equipped computers, it allows us to create the most comfortable pointing stick cap on the market. In addition, GIV's manufacturing processes ensure that the highest quality products are delivered to our customers.


On any pointing stick equipped keyboard, you can expect SofPoint® to provide easy, accurate cursor navigation with unsurpassed finger comfort due to our advanced geometry and slip resistant gel technology.

Initially developed for laptop computing and full-size keyboards, SofPoint® has now been optimized for most pointing-stick-equipped devices. Below is a list of manufacturers whose devices accept SofPoint® caps.

Mission Statement

GIV's mission is to develop and market user-friendly, effective and affordable interface solutions for computers and other business and consumer markets.

Company History

Thank you for your interest in our Company. At GIV (God Inspired Ventures) we strive for excellence in everything that we make, in what we do and in the way we serve our customers. We believe that our unique company structure is the most important part of our business success. GIV is a privately held, woman-owned company founded in 1999 and located in Highland, Michigan.

Our specialty is developing, manufacturing and distributing the best innovative solutions for difficult human-machine interface problems. Our SofPoint® products make the user-machine interface more comfortable and easy to use. Every day, pointing-stick-equipped notebook, mini-notebook, tablet PC and keyboard users rely on SofPoint® products to help them complete their work quickly, easily and comfortably.

Although GIV became a Michigan company in 1999, SofPoint® technology has been in development since 1995. Over the past eight years, GIV has developed a series of computer pointing stick caps and other energy absorbing, slip resistant interface solutions that are unparalleled in comfort and performance. Since 1999, GIV has been developing a wide range of interface solutions using SofPoint® technology for business professionals, medical professionals, the physically challenged, and other consumers.

SofPoint® product geometry, comfort, high quality, latest technology, and easy-to-use interfaces are setting the standard for cursor control and mobility enhancement solutions.

GIV is a Christian company. When our company was established the three principals of GIV, Sandra L. Slotta, Mark R. Slotta and Chad A. Slotta made a commitment to use the profits from the business to share the timeless truth of the Gospel in a timely way and in the power of the Holy Spirit.


SofPoint® is a product of GIV,LLC. Since 1995, GIV has been developing commercial interface applications to help technology users get the ultimate in performance from their pointing-stick-equipped devices quickly, easily, and without finger discomfort.


GIV will continue to develop SofPoint® technology to improve the interface between man and machine. We are adapting our SofPoint® technology to new platforms, other electronic devices, health care devices and other applications.

Now, as in the future, GIV is a leader in interface innovation.